PEMF Therapy is key to Health & Wellness. Deborah Moore BScN knows  the effects of PEMF therapy getting  Improved sleep, reduced arthritic pain, and general well-being.   Find out more about the Omnium 1 from Swiss Bionics Solutions Consultant

Be As Healthy As You Can Be!

Deborah Moore B.Sc.N.
was so blessed to enjoy a 40 yr. nursing career as an RN. I felt so much satisfaction providing comfort to many, during the most challenging times of their lives.  I have seen the negative effect that illness and disease

disease have on quality of life, and recognize the importance for all of us to be attentive to healthy choices.  I now experience personally from insomnia, pain and mobility challenges resulting from arthritis, despite my attention to healthy choices.  What am I missing?


 Our body wants to be healthy.  So to be as healthy as we can be, we need to take responsibility for wellness, by ensuring our body receives what it needs to function optimally.  Clean air.  Healthy water.  Good sleep.  Healthy food choices.  But….did you know that our body also needs to be in harmony with the  Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) of the earth?  Surprisingly yes!

Compounding our need for PEMF is the interference from electro smog and wireless technology.  Whether we use a cell phone, computer, or not, our bodies are impacted by smart meters, microwave ovens and wireless communication robbing us of our vital cell harmony.

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Once I was introduced to and experienced PEMF I knew this was the piece I was missing.  Because PEMF therapy has the ability to optimize cell function I experienced a reduction in inflammation and subsequent improvement of my arthritic symptoms.


My experience now using the Omnium1 for 8 minutes twice a day I continue to significantly reduce my arthritic pain, improving range of motion and mobility.  I am also sleeping through the night after a 10 years of struggle.


Connect with me for more information on how PEMF therapy could help you be as healthy as you can be. Enjoy the benefits of adding PEMF to your daily wellness regimen by purchasing an Omnium1 for your home.  I am confident that once you have researched PEMF and the Omnium1 by Swiss Bionic Solutions,  you will make the best choice so you too can enjoy the benefits.