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Dr. Kevin & Vonda Morrison know first hand the importance of PEMF therapy  and integrative approaches to wellness of body-mind & spirit.  Dr Kevin Morrison is a Licensed Chiropractor with approximately 30 years of direct patient service.  Vonda Morrison is a healer in The Awakenings Technique.  Based on the combination of various modalities, Vonda has helped many people to overcome their personal blocks to wellness.

Experiencing the ravages of chronic pain due to repetitive strain, traumatic injury discomfort and sleeplessness, they were looking for additional aid.  It was the introduction of PEMF therapy as an adjunct to their personal wellness protocols proved to be a game-changer. 

Regaining control of your 70 trillion body cells is possible with use of PEMF therapy.  Just 8 minutes on a PEMF system such as the Omnium 1, has been found to give your body of up to 6 hours of calm, resonanace at the frequency that allows your body to improve it's circulation, reduce pain, and resonate at its natural vibe.

Send a message and request information on how the Omnium 1 PEMF system could benefit you.   Let them help you discover more about the iMRS technology, that is contained in the Omnium 1,and the state-of-art iMRS Prime (combining far infrared technology along with PEMF theraply.  Licensed by Health Canada, and the FDA as a Class 2 Medical Device. Financing options are available.

Together we look forward to assisting you live a happy and rejuvenated life!

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