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Hi.  As a Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice, I have helped so many people come to terms with their anxieties, fears, social phobias and so much more.   I have come to wonder why it is with all of the modern day technologies, and lifestyles that are meant to make life easier, that there seems to be more disruptors in our lives.   More people are experiencing anxieties, and with suicides on the rise, things are getting worse, not better.   After experiencing, and doing research on the looming problems associated with electro-smog, or EMF's, I chose to look at solutions.  PEMF therapy helps to calm the body down at the cellular level.  Helping us to find emotional and physical calm is key to helping us find inner peace, improved mood, better relationships and general coping.   I invite you to learn more about the technology that is making a huge difference in my life, and the lives of many around the world.  Check out the social media page on Facebook , the media library page and more.   Let's connect.
                                            Dr. Sue Denk, PsyD.
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Dr. Sue Denk PsyD.

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